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Whether you’ve always dreamed of a quiet country wedding or a large destination wedding for all of your family and friends, 7 Bluff Cabins provides a serene and memorable setting for your event. As you walk down the gentle slope towards the river, all of your family and friends looking towards you with dramatic 7 bluff as your backdrop, you’ll understand why 7 Bluff Cabins is your location of choice for your most special day. Visit 7 Bluff Cabins, and you’ll find that our picturesque grounds offer a beautiful setting for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

Non-traditional weddings are becoming more popular, as more couples opt for wedding festivities held outdoors. No need for elaborate decorations when you’re already in a stunning natural setting! You can hold the ceremony and reception in the same place!

It’s possible to have a more flexible schedule, allowing you and your guests and loved ones to really enjoy all the joys of the day. In addition to the usual benefits of having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, 7 Bluff Cabins also offers benefits of its own — including:

  • The natural setting makes a great place for wedding photos
  • Perfect way for couples who love the outdoors to have a wedding that’s as unique as they are
  • Plenty of room for guests
  • Inexpensive accommodations for the whole wedding party
  • Whether your plans are for a small private ceremony or a large wedding, we can help you make your wedding dreams a beautiful reality.


Please note that overnight accommodations are required to utilize the grounds.